Let's Play Ball!

Fall will be here before you know it. The kids will be back in the classroom all day and itching to get outside for some fresh air, fun, and exercise. Those first couple of back-to-school weeks can be hectic times; sign up now for fall season to get this one off your plate and get early bird pricing as a bonus.

Always locally owned, our flag football league has grown to become the largest in Central Florida. This success stems from our great families and sticking to our core philosophy that every Mosquito Sports kid will (1) Have fun; (2) Play in all games; (3) Face challenging but fair competition; and (4) Learn valuable life lessons like teamwork, pushing yourself to improve, developing new skills, winning and losing gracefully – all of which provide lifelong benefits. And we don't just run the league, my son Owen has been playing for years; so I have a vested interest in offering a first-rate experience.

Ages 5 to 14 - All Skill Levels

Come enjoy an environment that is fun, rewarding, and challenging for players at all levels. Young and inexperienced kids learn the game and develop their athletic skills. Older and more experienced players get to keep in shape and hone their talents. Flag football is great for boys and girls of all skill levels, and, in our leagues, everyone plays in every game.

Fun for the Entire Family

Our leagues are fun for the players and their fans (that's you!). All games are held at first-rate venues in nice neighborhoods, so everyone can come cheer on their star(s). We know you are busy, so games are only an hour long and run on time. Teams set their own practices, which typically occur once or twice per week, at a location that works well for your team. 


Professionally Run

Smooth, well-run games make the day that much more enjoyable. A Mosquito Sports supervisor is on site at all times to answer questions and address concerns on the spot. Professional, experienced referees call every game. Coaches, players, and parents are encouraged to bring their competitive spirit, while exemplifying the virtues of sportsmanship, teamwork, giving it your best, and just plain having fun. We do our best to match teams of comparable skill levels throughout the season and playoffs, making it more fun and more challenging for all the players.