"A good coach can change a game.  A great coach can change a life."  – John Wooden

Thanks Coach!

You, the coaches, are the heart and soul of Mosquito Sports. You are the teachers, the helpers, coordinators and bag boys. You are the role models for the kids, the point of contact for the parents and the day-to-day representatives of our league. Your players will remember this experience for years to come, and someday they'll pass on stories to their own kids. Thanks for giving your time and effort; without you, there would be no league.

On this page we we provide information to help you as a coach. The following Coaching Guide contains coaching objectives, a framework for practices, and a variety of drills and plays. You should view these as a launching point and feel free to expand and modify to suit your own team.

And as a living document, this guide is continually evolving. If you have anything to contribute or suggest, please send it our way!

Coaching Guide - All Sections

Coaching Objectives and Practice Plan

Warm-Ups and Agility Drills

Offensive Drills

Defensive Drills