Let's Have Some Fun

The kids are back in school, which is more reason than ever to get them outside for some fun and exercise this fall. For 14 years, we have offered the best youth flag football programs in Central Florida. Our focus isn’t to develop NFL talent, but to create a fun and nurturing environment, exposing kids to the great life lessons of team sports – camaraderie, teamwork, overcoming challenges, winning and losing gracefully – skills that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives.

Ages 5 to 14 - All Skill Levels

We want to create an environment that is equally fun and rewarding for players at all skills levels. Young and inexperienced kids have the opportunity to learn a new game and develop their skills. Older and more experienced players get to keep in shape and hone their skills. Our leagues are open to boys and girls, and everyone plays in every game.

Fun for the Entire Family

Our leagues are fun for the players and their fans (that's you!). All games are held at first-rate venues in nice neighborhoods. Seasons are eight weeks long, with a one-hour game each weekend. Most teams (especially the younger ones) limit practice to one hour per week, often on game day. And our games run on time, making it easy for you to schedule your weekend! 


Why Flag Football?

With all the excitement of tackle football, but not the same risk of injury, flag football has become the youth sport of choice among parents who question whether kids should play tackle football. Modeled after regular football, teams run or pass the ball down field to score a touchdown. But flag football is a “non-contact” game. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defensive players must pull a "flag" off the ball carrier’s belt. It’s a great sport for boys and girls of all skill levels age 5 and up. Why risk the injuries in tackle? Choose flag football instead.